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Healing Resources

In this section you will find a list of training organizations and individuals educated to assist persons suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other symptoms caused by emotional abuse or emotional neglect resulting in relationship problems, psychological problems, learning problems and physical problems.

We assume, but cannot guarantee, that those listed either individually or on professional rosters meet our professional criteria for working with emotional or psychological trauma. Note that we categorize trauma as a developmental (early life) issue separate from stress related problems and requiring specialized training as described in the criteria below.

In offering a list of professional resources, we do not intend to imply that only professionals can be of help. Good friends, loved ones, close associates who care about us and are able to listen is a way that makes us "feel felt" as Daniel Siegel puts it, can also be enormously helpful-especially to young children.

Before beginning your search take a minute to read our professional criteria for listing on this site:

Criteria for professional listing on this site

Therapists who are listed here are expected to adhere to either (1) or (2) below:

1) Licensure as a mental health professional with at least two full years of specialized training in psychological/emotional trauma that includes: • recognition of the role brain structure and function plays in affecting psychological trauma,
• recognition of the role somatic experience plays in healing all forms of emotional trauma,
• recognition of the interface between brain structure and function and the role of interactive relationship in providing complete healing for early-life relational/developmental trauma.

2) Non-licensed, but at least two full years of specialized training as above in psychological/emotional trauma and somatic psychotherapy (bodywork that addresses the mind/body connection) from Somatic Experiencing, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Hakomi, or other well-established programs.

The following training organizations and individuals say that they meet the above criteria. We, however, do not guarantee their adherence to our standards of training and experience nor their capabilities as professionals. It is up to you, the mental health consumer, to question thoroughly and decide whether or not a professional satisfies your individual needs: This site is commercial but contains information about Somatic Experiencing and Peter Levine PhD. Dr Levine's training focuses on single incident or shock trauma. The site contains a national listing of practitioners trained under the auspices of the Foundation for Human Enrichment This is the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) site. Scroll down the left hand side of this site to first learn more about EMDR and its creator Dr. Francine Shapiro. The list of topics includes Referral To An EMDR Trained Clinician all of whom are licensed clinicians (or graduate students under supervision of a licensed clinician) specifically trained in EMDR.

Name: Marcy Axness, Ph.D.
Work Address: Offices in Granada Hills and Santa Monica
Work Phone: 818.366.7310

Professional Title: Early Development Specialist

Professional Specialty/Type of Practice: Psycho-education (counseling & education) for parents and professionals, in how to support optimal early development from pre-conception; address fertility issues holistically; and address existing developmental challenges through the parenting and caregiving relationships. Attachment focus.

Professional License/Education/Training: Doctorate in Early Human Development, with a specialization in prenatal and perinatal development; trained in the Whole Person Fertility ProgramSM; well-known adoption writer, speaker, and counselor addressing the social, psychological, and spiritual issues involved in relinquishment, adoptive parenting, and the experience of the adopted person.

Years in practice: 10

Name: Regalena Melrose, Ph.D.
Work Address: 1045 Prospect Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90804
Work Phone: (562) 756-8406
Work Fax: (949) 623-8228

Professional Title: Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Credentialed School Psychologist

Professional Specialty/Type of Practice: Trauma Healing Specialist, Children, Adolescents, Adults

Professional License/ Education/ Training:
Licensed through the California Board of Psychology;
Educated at McGill University, Montreal, Canada:
B.A. in Psychology; M.A. in Developmental Psychology;
Ph. D. in Clinical Child and School Psychology (APA accredited program);
Trained at St. Raphael Center, Montreal, Canada;
Child Guidance Center, Santa Ana, CA; Long Beach Unified School District; and, Family Service of Long Beach, a private, non-profit agency.

Years in practice: Seven

Additional or Recommended Resources:

Name: Marjorie L. Rand Ph.D.
Work Address: 616 N. Poinsettia Ave., Manhattan Beach CA 90266
Work Phone: 310-937-0053
Work Fax: 310-937-0053

Professional Title: Psychotherapist and Trainer

Professional Specialty/Type of Practice:Somatic Psychotherapy, Pre and Perinatal Psychotherapy with pregnant couples, parents and infants, children, adults, couples, sexuality, women's issues, developmental trauma, attachment disorders

Professional License/ Education/ Training: MA, Ph.D., CA MFT Lic#MQi4226 Certified Master Trainer, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, trained by William Emerson in Pre and Perinatal Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Self Psychology, Body/Mind Psychotherapy

Years in practice: 29 yrs.

Additional or Recommended Resources: Rosenberg , J., Rand , M.L., (1985) Body, self and soul; sustaining integration, Atlanta: Humanics
Rothschild, B., Rand, Marjorie L., (2005) Help for the helper; the mind and body of burn-out, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, New York: W.W. Norton


If you would like to be listed on this site:

• First check to see that your training adheres to our criteria for listing on this site

• Send an e-mail to and include the following information:

Work Address:
Work Phone:
Work Fax:
Professional Title:
Professional Specialty/Type of Practice:
Please describe clearly. (i.e. specializing in DMT with childhood abuse, etc.)
Professional License/ Education/ Training:
Years in practice:
Additional or Recommended Resources: (i.e. websites, reading material, tapes, videos, etc)



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