Preventing and Healing Stress Related Depression, Anxiety and Childhood Behavior
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Professional Listing on this site


If you would like to be listed on this site:

• First check to see that your training adheres to our criteria for listing on this site

• Send an e-mail to and include the following information:

Work Address:
Work Phone:
Work Fax:
Professional Title:
Professional Specialty/Type of Practice:
Please describe clearly. (i.e. specializing in DMT with childhood abuse, etc.)
Professional License/ Education/ Training:
Years in practice:
Additional or Recommended Resources: (i.e. websites, reading material, tapes, videos, etc)


Criteria for professional listing on this site

Therapists who are listed here are expected to adhere to either (1) or (2) below:

1) Licensure as a mental health professional with at least two full years of specialized training in psychological/emotional trauma that includes: • recognition of the role brain structure and function plays in affecting psychological trauma,
• recognition of the role somatic experience plays in healing all forms of emotional trauma,
• recognition of the interface between brain structure and function and the role of interactive relationship in providing complete healing for early-life relational/developmental trauma.

2) Non-licensed, but at least two full years of specialized training as above in psychological/emotional trauma and somatic psychotherapy (bodywork that addresses the mind/body connection) from Somatic Experiencing, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Hakomi, or other well-established programs.




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