Training Resources for Health Professionals

Professional Trainings

This site is sponsored by the foundation for Human Enrichment (FHE), founded by Peter Levine, Ph.D.

The site is for professionals, laypersons, and communities interested in “self-help” tools for working with trauma.

This website offers a general definition of Somatic Experiencing, a 1-3 year training course, based on the book “Awakening the Tiger” by Dr. Peter Levine. Here you will find a training schedule for the work in Somatic Experiencing, links to other trauma information websites, book ordering for Levine’s book, and articles on working with trauma, primarily written by Peter Levine.

The Children’s Psychological Health Center, Inc., is a California Public Benefit Corporation with Federal 501(c)3 status, dedicated to protecting and mending children’s hearts and minds.

This site is designed primarily for parents and caseworkers with children in need of therapeutic evaluations and intervention. Professionals in any field of mental health can use this site as either reference or support.

Its mission is accomplished through the creation and replication of effective models of early life treatment for children who have been emotionally disturbed, have developmental disorders or have been stressed by traumatic events. In addition to early treatment services, and consultations to community mental health systems, they provide expert evaluations and testimony in litigation involving alleged negligence in protection of children from physical and emotional harm.

CPHC offers mental health workbooks for children with trauma, low-cost and free mental health screenings, and trainings for professionals in the field.

EMDR, founded by Francine Shapiro, sponsors this site.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) integrates elements of many effective psychotherapies in structured protocols that are designed to maximize treatment effects. These include psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, experiential, and body-centered therapies. EMDR is an information processing therapy and uses an eight phase approach.

At this website you will find a detailed definition of EMDR, list of local therapists trained in EMDR, recent research, and commonly asked questions.

Babette Rothschild, MSW, psychotherapist, and body-psychotherapist, sponsors this site.

Site is designed for both professional and public interests.

The purpose of this site is to introduce a specific approach to the treatment of Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Also, included in this website is a definition of trauma and a simple explanation as to how trauma affects both the mind and body.

This site includes a list of trauma publications by Babette Rothschild, lists of workshops and trainings in Somatic Trauma Therapy for mental health specialists, and therapy/consultation, offered by Ms. Rothschild, for public interests.